Continued Growth

For 10+ Years

Established in May 2010 by Tyler Schmoll, Exquisite Exteriors is celebrating over 10 years of providing quality services to the communities of Franklin, Wisconsin. Tyler is a navy veteran who was honorably discharged in 2008. With his experience and degree in Business Management, Tyler created Exquisite Exteriors to provide an environmentally-friendly outdoor service option.

Our team of qualified professionals offer our clients beautiful landscapes, clean exteriors, and snow-free lots. Our dedication to our craft makes Exquisite Exteriors one of the best landscapers in the New Berlin area.

  • Why Choose Us?
  • 1500+ Satisified Clients
  • Multiple divisions that specialize in their specific area
  • We use the latest and greatest technology to provide the most efficient manner while being environmentall friendly.
  • We use electric tools
  • We are the only lawncare company in Milwaukee using zero emissions vehicles
  • We use liquids in snows to reduce the impact to the environment by reducing chloride by 70%

We Work For You

Our Mission

Creating Sustainable Environments.

Starting as one man team invested in customer service, Exquisite Exteriors has transformed into a mid-sized company committed to providing quality service and promoting a positive impact on the environment. We continue to grow towards being active in our community, promoting other small businesses, and being a steward for the environment.